Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Relax and Watch the Birds

Sometimes, it doesn't matter that the quality of a Birdcam photo isn't the best, whether it's due to lighting, or camera placement, but it's the wonder that it has captured THREE species of birds at one time!

In this photo, the brilliant yellow of the American Goldfinch doesn't completely show up, the sassiness of the Pine Siskin isn't obvious, and the cuteness of the Bushtit in the upper right isn't apparent, but it's still a wonder! Three different species, three totally different bird personalities, all captured by the Birdcam in my little condo corner of the world!

If you've never thought about Birdwatching, try it! It's a distraction from stress and a calming, sometimes humourous performance put on by nature!

I know that it has soothed me and made me smile when everything around me seems to be going wrong!

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