Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I posted but things have settled down and I am working again! Same job, different school. More hours, which is great for the paycheck, but not so much for my fibromyalgia! I'm pretty exhausted but happy to have a job!!!

Things are going very well with the new roommate, though at times I no longer feel it's my home. I am grateful for the extra income to help me get caught up!

Nothing new on the dating scene; too many frogs and flakes lately so I am taking a break!!

I'm enjoying the spring birds coming in to visit and missing the ones that have left for the season, like the dark-eyed juncos. One or two might linger, as they did last year.

The goldfinches are back in their brilliant breeding plumage; such a bright, bright yellow as you can see in the photo! I have dusted off my Birdcam and I'm ready to capture more birds throughout the season.

So that's it for me right now. Not too exciting, I know, but at least I'm working and didn't have to sell my condo as I had feared!

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