Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh No, Not Again!!

I have been laid off. Again. Today is my last day at a job I really like at a school I love.

It took me 6 months of applying to positions before I got this one. Now I have to start over, only this time there are no positions to apply to!!!

Needless to say I am feeling bummed today. This stinks! Kicking Dirt

I don't feel like I have the strength to go through this again but I will. I have to. God will keep me going because believe me, I am running on empty!

On a lighter note, I actually have a date for Valentine's Day! It's a second date so I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. Conversation so far has been easy and he's not afraid to use the phone!

Plus, two days after we met he sent me an e-card for my birthday! Brownie points scored there!
Valentine Rain HeartsWell, after I say my good-byes today, I'm just going to try to enjoy the weekend and start fresh next week...

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