Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Murderous Math

In my quest to find a new job, I decided to take a proficiency test to earn me a "No Child Left Behind" certificate. This will enable me to apply for a job as an Educational Assistant.

I did this job when I lived in California for over 6 years and would have been "grandfathered" in so as to keep my job. Unfortunately, there were no jobs with benefits there so I moved up here to Oregon. And now my work experience isn't enough so I needed to take the test.

And about the test - the math was, as expected, brutal! I was doing fine but then all of a sudden I hit a wall and everything started reading like a foreign language!! 33 word problems in 45 minutes! A daunting task for someone who is not great at math to begin with.

I was brain fried afterwards and even today I have what a friend termed a "math hangover"! LOL

I don't expect to pass that portion of the test but I can re-take it. It's all a process, getting me to be qualified for where there could be more job opportunities.

I did find a job I really want, and applied for it last week but I haven't heard anything. It's only 2 miles from my house and I am already qualified for it. What is taking them so long to call me for an interview??? It's still posted as open but I am not patient; I need to know NOW!

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