Saturday, July 26, 2008


On Thursday I received a certified letter from work stating that I am being reassigned to a new location, my hours are being cut, and I will no longer get medical insurance!!! I may as well have been laid off because without medical insurance this job is worthless to me.

Since then I have had a bad headache and stomachache because of the resulting stress.

I have this chronic medical thing, fibromyalgia, and while my case is fairly mild, I cannot work full time.

So how do I get insurance? After browsing online I see that it’s totally out of my budget!

Right now it looks like I’ll either have to sell my condo or get a roommate, neither of which I want to do. I’ve already posted some stuff for sale on Craig’s List, not that it’ll save me from selling my condo, but at least I feel like I’m doing something!!

I do believe that God has a plan and it all will work out the way it’s meant to but at the moment I am feeling a bit panicky!

Please keep good thoughts and prayers going for me, ok?

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