Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Dating - Episode 2

Well, last weekend I had 2 meet and greets with guys I met online.

Guy#1 seems really nice. We met for coffee, talked a lot, went for a little walk, and then went and had lunch. By the end of the date, he had said he'd like to get together again. Positive sign.

Guy #2 also seemed nice. We met for lunch and had a nice conversation as well. He also said he'd like to get together again. Wow, two for two!

So here comes my biggest pet peeve regarding online dating: I believe that once you've met in person and have talked about getting together again, there should be an end to the "emails only" form of communication!! For some reason guys seem to like the emails only thing, and I understand that most men don't really enjoy chatting on the phone. I really enjoy getting emails but voice contact is so much more personal!

So after a week of emails only from these guys, trying to make plans for this weekend, I wrote and told them both that it would be nice to have phone calls now because otherwise it will feel almost like starting over on the next get together.

Guy #1 stepped up to the plate and called within the hour. We had a nice chat and I feel more comfortable about meeting him for dinner tomorrow night.

Guy #2 however, not only has been vague about plans for Sunday, but sent me a email after I had sent my email, with no response to my request for phone contact. So either he didn't read that email or he's ignoring it. Either way, I am postponing plans with him until we have better communication.

So, we'll see what happens in the next episode.

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