Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Weekend Ahead

Well, tomorrow is Friday, yay, TGIF, whoopee!

Now what? I don't have any plans. I am feeling a bit, well, dare I say it? Yes, I am feeling a bit needy. There, I said it. I need some companionship, some real conversation, not the social small talk that goes on between strangers at dances. No, I want to sit and converse with someone I know, sharing our day and our thoughts and really getting to know one another.

I guess that sounds more like a date. No wonder I didn't recognize it, HA HA!

Yes, there is a dance I can go to. Do you realize how difficult it is to psych myself up for this every time? I'm very sociable but it's the getting there that is emotionally stressful.

What I really need is a new bud to go into battle with me but all my girlfriends keep finding boyfriends or getting married. The nerve of them! :)

Well, I suppose I'll just have to see how the weekend plays never know...

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