Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Going Gray Update #1

Well, I am still hanging in there and haven't colored my hair. I don't have a big skunk stripe yet but it's more hair of many colors. I think it looks a little punky but the gals at work reassure me that it doesn't.

One interesting thing is that the natural color coming in with the gray is a lot darker than I remember my hair ever being. And so far the gray is a pretty white color.

But now that I'm back to going to the singles' dances I'm having a harder time thinking that going gray is an adventure and vanity keeps whispering in my ear "you know that the gray will make you look older". I've got to give it a chance before giving up.

Why do guys look distinguished when they go gray? Maybe because their hair is kept shorter they don't have to go through a long growing in period. I don't know but women just don't gray as gracefully. Maybe we fight it too hard.

I came across an article by a woman who documented her 18 month journey to going gray and it was very interesting and amazing how my feelings have been pretty much the same as hers. She looks a lot better gray!

It's nice not having to color it every month, that's for sure. I'm still not 100% committed to the process though so we'll see what happens over the summer.

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