Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Spy Eye-Fi!!

OK, I confess - I am such a gadget freak! I love gadgets and have always loved them. I even had an Adam computer so if you know what that is, then you know how long I've been a gadget girl!!

In fact, I'd rather be shopping for gadgets than clothes...hmmm, note to self: no dates = maybe time to update wardrobe???

Let me tell you about the Eye-Fi memory card! It's an SD memory card (2 GB) that makes your digital camera wireless!! Yep, that's right, wireless!!

After you take your photos using the Eye-fi card, when you get home, turn on your camera and BAM! Your photos are instantly uploaded to your computer!!! NO CABLES! NO WAITING!

For instance, yesterday I went outside to take photos of my patio as I am painting my fence, planting new stuff, etc, and I like to keep a photo log going. Before I even got back into the house, nearly all of my photos were already on my computer!!

It's just too cool!

Even cooler, while I sit here blogging about it, my Roomba is vacuuming for me! On sale at Big Lots, I just couldn't resist! As someone with a chronic pain condition and a furry cat, this gadget (whom I've named Fred) has been a lifesaver!! In fact Fred is the best roommate :) I love Fred!

Now, if I could just get Ty Pennington over here to do some repairs for me...

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