Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here We Go Again!!

I received another "terms of service violation message" from the community!!! And it's because of a link to THIS BLOG!!!

They say it's because of an advertising violation. I wonder if they've even looked at this blog? Someone has to have reported me in order for them to even send me the violation notice. This someone obviously has nothing better to do than cause trouble for people who are just hanging out and making friends. How petty.

I'm not going to remove the link so my profile will probably be shut down again. I don't care; whatever happens, happens.

There may be advertising on this blog, but the link was so people could come and read about me and my adventures (such as they are), not for any advertising.

Gee, I never even knew this chubby chickadee was such a rebel and a troublemaker!!!

UPDATE: I received a message from aarp that the second investigation was "done in error" and to "please accept their apologies". How annoying! However, I did remove the link to this blog...for now.

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