Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Dating - Episode 1

Well, in the past week I have met a few guys online but things haven't worked out because:

Guy #1 - I was supposed to meet up with him when I went to visit my folks but when I called, his voice mail had his name AND a woman's name on it. Didn't leave a message. Got email stating that "it was an old message and that he didn't know how to change it". This from a guy who said I could "text him anytime". Hmmm, red flag there.

Guy #2 - emailed me his phone number with an unfamiliar area code; turned out to be a New York area code but he lives in Washington...he said it's his "personal number" but he's "here helping his son start a business". Huh?

Guy #3 - actually met this one for breakfast. Very cute but conversation a bit awkward. Still, I thought we had a nice first meeting. He shook my hand good-bye and said it was "nice meeting me". OK, I guess that's that.

Guy #4 - endless short emails but he never suggests meeting. I haven't emailed in a couple of days and haven't heard anything from him. OH WELL!!

I have 2 dances I can go to this upcoming weekend but I'm not sure I even want to venture out. Yes, I know that I'll never meet anyone sitting home but it gets depressing sometimes making the effort. It shouldn't be this much work!

Everyone says, "oh you'll meet someone when you least expect it", but let's be honest here - if you're single and you want to meet someone, aren't you always hoping, at least a little bit, to meet someone whenever you go anywhere to socialize? Of course you are; and so am I. That's human nature.

And I may be a semi-chubby, semi-gray haired chickadee, but I'm still human!!

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