Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emotion Commotion

My ex-boyfriend went on vacation for a week and since we're still friends, he asked if I'd pick up his mail. No biggie, we live close by.

So today he came by to pick it up and now my emotions are all jumbled. I hadn't seen him since he broke up with me in April.

I feel so comfortable around him; so warm and fuzzy. We have so much in common, yet he broke up with me for no good reason! And it wasn't the first time!

He said today that he thinks he panicked. That's always what I had thought because I never saw it coming; everything seemed to be going so well! I think he gets close and then freaks out.

Now what? I don't know honestly. If we tried it again how could I totally relax and not wonder if he'd panic again?

On the other hand, why cut myself off from enjoying his company because of a "what if?"

At this point I don't have to decide anything as there are no plans to get together. I just like to have my mind prepared...just in case...


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