Monday, May 12, 2008

For the Birds

One thing I HATE about birding is when a new species shows up at my feeders, hang around for a few days and then they're GONE, never to be seen again!!

I get my hopes up that these visitors will be regulars and it's such a letdown when I realize that no, they aren't coming back. Did they find better grub somewhere else? Were they just passing through to their intended destination? I'll never know because they never say good-bye or give me a warning that they are leaving.

Case in point: Over the last few days I've had THREE black-headed grosbeaks in for the first time! Yesterday they were in and out all day long and I was getting quite attached. I could tell them apart even.

Today I have not seen ONE, not once. I feel lonely. I feel abandoned. Nothing but snarlings, I mean starlings. Don't get me started on them. That's a subject best left alone.

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