Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mid-summer Birdfest!

Just as I lamenting the lack of bird action, (yet another reason besides the heat that has me somewhat disliking summer) a slew of birds showed up yesterday!


I had my usual chickadees, house finches, scrub jays and hummers, but I also had a flock of bushtits come through to feast at the suet! I hadn’t seen them for awhile.


Then I had THREE flickers come in: Mom, Dad, and a male youngster, who still had to be fed by dad after he ate some suet! Very cool to watch!


The biggest surprise was having three juncos show up, totally out of season! Normally these are my winter birds by the dozens, and they typically head for higher and cooler elevations around May. A couple must have stayed behind and nested, because there was one adult and two juveniles who had to be fed. It was very cute to watch but of course my Birdcam was not set up to catch the action.


Today I went and bought a big compressed block of various seeds/food for wild birds. I have it set out under my feeders and the Birdcam is set up and ready. I hope some birds discover before the squirrels do!

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