Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ground Level Birdcamming

A fellow birder reminded me that some great photos could be taken when placing the Birdcam at ground level. I have gotten a few nice shots but mostly end up with "squirrel bottom" photos!

Still, because I've had both a white crowned and golden crowned sparrow coming in for visits, I thought I'd try again.

Well, the Birdcam captured 168 photos, 166 which were mostly of, yep, you guessed it, squirrel bottom!! Still, a cute squirrel face makes me smile and I always forgive them for hogging the camera.

The sparrows? Well, they showed up in the last two photos but it was approaching dark and they can't really be seen well enough to post their photo! LOL I will keep trying!


EllenB said...

Hi, Deb! I found a photo at that we'd like to use. Then I found you here. Would you please check your Flickr mail? Thanks! Ellen at BirdNote
P.S. LOVE the Bird Lover bracelet gif!

David R. Lindquist said...

Hey Deb, you are definitely not having a unique experience! You are getting more rats-per-shot than I have gotten at the bird bath, but my tree rats seem to prefer the pedestal bird bath. I always get a high number of squirrel shots over there. Where I get really hammered is the ground level platform feeder and that is at least 50% squirrels every time I shoot there.

David R. Lindquist said...

Deb, wouldn't you know. I did some Bird Cam time at the ground level bath and got about 1 in four shots of squirrels and way too many of their fuzzy bottoms. I wonder if they are reading your blog, too!