Friday, November 21, 2008

So much happening yet I'm getting nowhere...

Well, I've lost out on two more jobs and really am getting discouraged. I just applied for another position and I would really like this one!

I feel like I'm chasing a shadow though because all the jobs are going to the people already subbing in the position!! I am now subbing too but my timing is about a step behind everyone. I keep getting told that I am liked, BUT they're going with the person already there. I wish they wouldn't even post the "openings" if they already have decided on someone but they have to by law.

My roommate moved in a few weeks ago and that is going really well! I'm amazed how easy it's been adjusting to another person in the house but he's a good friend, very laid back and not around much. It's actually rather nice to have someone to talk to a bit over a glass of wine or cup of coffee...

The dating thing is still driving me crazy...guys say they want to meet but just keep emailing, or we actually meet and they say want to get together again but then they go back to just emailing!! It's pretty stupid at times but I look at it as a chance to get out of the house and hopefully have a nice visit with someone; and who knows where it might lead?

Just like the job hunt, it gets discouraging and tiring but nothing will happen if I give up!!

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