Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Job Hunting Roller Coaster

This job hunting has become a full time roller coaster ride! One day I'm up and the next day I'm down and some days it happens hour by hour!!!

Yesterday I put in two new applications but found out that another job I had applied to had been filled.

I also finally decided to apply to sub because that seems to be the only way to get my foot (and name and face) in the door. But my previous employer has yet to respond for a request to fax my fingerprints over to the new district!

So, once again I am stalled until either they respond or I pay for new fingerprinting, at the cost of around $70!!

My ex is 3 checks behind in alimony because of bounced checks. So I am looking at either having to borrow money or take it out of my retirement fund in order to make my house payment next month.

I do have a roommate moving in on Nov. 1st which will help a lot but it will be a huge adjustment to have another person living in MY home.

The Bible says that God will not give us more than we can bear so I have to believe that I can get through this.

It isn't life or death. A dear friend of mine has a husband with a brain tumor, who has gone through surgery, radiation and chemo. The prognosis is not good for this type of cancer, yet his last MRI came back clear. Tomorrow is another MRI and we are all praying that this one too is clear. Now, THAT is a lot to bear.

I am grateful to be able to apply for a million positions, and collect unemployment, and curse my ex for bounced checks that will most likely (eventually) clear.

I will get through this knowing that God loves me and that there is a purpose to all this craziness!

I may not ever KNOW the purpose, but simply put, I TRUST GOD, and there is where I find my peace.

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