Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mystery Dinner - SOLVED!

Ok, Last night's mystery dinner was so clever and fun! We had to read items off the menu that really made no sense, and we had to put them in the order we wanted them. I ended up eating my entire meal with a plastic knife and a toothpick!!

I had my dessert midway through and received my butter well ahead of my roll!

For instance "brown noser" was butter (butter someone up) and "lover's delight" was a spoon (as in spooning) so I got my spoon last because I thought it might be a "kiss"(Hershey's of course!)

The "midget slurry" was a shrimp cocktail as shrimp = midget and slurry = cocktail in British slang, I think. Who knows!

It was a really fun evening and made for a lot of laughs!

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