Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unexpected Fun

Last night I was sipping a glass of wine with dinner, thinking about the quiet weekend ahead when a married girlfriend called and said she and her husband were going to a local place to dance, and did I want to meet up with them?

Now, typically, my normal unspontaneous self would think, hmm, I have a small headache, I'm tired, what would I wear, I'm too fat, yada, yada, yada.

But my hidden (even to me) spur of the moment self thought: Heck, why not?

So I met up with them and danced my booty off! Lots of fun!

So today I'm really tired but I now feel a bit *gasp* adventurous and I'm going to try to make myself go to another dance tonight, but this time alone! Sure, I'll see people I know, but the walking in alone and finding a place to sit is terrifying to me.

This may seem like a piece of cake to most people but for me it's huge. Hmm, what will I wear??

So, this chubby chickadee is going to try to fly...besides, a cute guy I know will be there too :)

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