Saturday, May 17, 2008

The BirdCam Has Landed!

OK, so yesterday my BirdCam arrived and I tore into the box, and just like everyone says, it was up and running in a very short time. Just one problem - NO BIRDS!

I drove myself batty trying to decide where to put it, and everytime I moved it, birds would show up at a different feeder! Not that I was getting in much more than starlings yesterday.

I did catch a shot of a female peek-a-boo but it's certainly not very attractive in this photo LOL

So I realized that the whole point of the BirdCam is to "set it and forget it" and see what surprises I find later. It's much more relaxing this way!

I can't believe that just last weekend I had Grosbeaks, Flickers and Bushtits, oh my! And now nothing but you-know-whats. Hopefully I will have something interesting to show you later!

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