Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Saturday Night...

...And I ain't got nobody *singing off key*

The worst part of a breakup is a few weeks later when reality sets in and it's another weekend alone. At first the anger keeps you going but when that starts to fade the wound is exposed. If you keep it covered it won't heal but sometimes it's hard to forge ahead.

All my girlfriends are either married or have boyfriends at this time. So do I go back to the online dating thing? Or do I just forget it and try to keep myself occupied? I enjoy my own company and I have plenty of "busy stuff" to do but even that gets old after awhile!

I don't know why it has to be so difficult to meet someone to share life with. Everyone says "oh you'll meet someone when you least expect it" - that's a bunch of poo-poo. You have to actually be out there to meet anybody.

Well, I guess I'd better get some cheese to go with my whine and jump into a nice long bubble bath - my cure for almost anything!

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