Thursday, June 4, 2009

Job News Undo

Well, after feeling relief from the news yesterday that I have a position in the Fall, I got laid off today!!!!

Apparently what the principal told me yesterday was based on the hours she was given by the district for positions. However, because of school budget cuts, the bumping process went into action and after it was finished, there was nothing left for me because I don't have seniority.

Only three classified employees were laid off in the whole district!!! How was I so "lucky" haha, to be one of them???

The silver lining is that I'll receive the rest of my pay through August, as well as medical insurance. I can watch the job postings on the district website and hopefully something will turn up by September. Hey, it only took me 22 applications to get this position!!

This is my 3rd layoff in less than a year but it's certainly not something you ever get used to!!

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