Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes, I am in shock - I passed the certification test, even the math portion (see post from Aug. 6th)!!! In fact, I passed the math portion 1 level higher than is required for passing!

How did I do that???

This is huge news, because now I can apply for jobs and know that I am qualified for them, instead of just attaching a cover letter saying I took the test. Now I have proof!


This makes me feel a little better after getting word on Friday that 2 more of the positions I applied for have been filled. That leaves 4 left to hear about.

One thing is for sure - I'm running a copy of my test results over to those school districts first thing tomorrow morning!

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TJF4316 said...

It sounds like you are so proud of yourself and you should be. I hope that it helps you in your sear for the perfect job.