Sunday, August 17, 2008

Job Update

Well, school staff will be reporting back to work on the 27th and I STILL don't have a job!

Rumors abound and the latest is that those of us who declined the cut hours/no benefits positions will be offered "something".

One of the other health assistants was called on Friday and offered an office assistant position at a continuation school. She's 8 ahead of me in seniority. The gal next in line heard nothing!

In the meantime, I have applied to a local school district but have not been called for an interview.

I've taken a certification test for a different type of position but can't apply for those jobs until I have my results back and that won't be for a couple of more weeks. Not only that, but I am certain that I did not pass the math portion! Fortunately I can re-take that.

So I wait...and wait...and the stress builds and I fret, worry, cry, pray and try to RELAX - HA!

I fully believe in my head and heart that God has a plan for me! But my poor body and mind are not doing so well!

Tomorrow should bring some news...and tomorrow I have to go to my old school and pack up my personal stuff and say good bye. I dread this but stalling won't make it any easier.

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