Monday, May 5, 2008

Wishing for a BirdCam

I have been looking at the Wingscapes BirdCam website for several days now and have decided that I absolutely have to have one!

I love watching birds come to my feeders and I love taking photos. However, watching and getting photos don't always go hand in hand because BIRDS MOVE AROUND!! My camera is always set up in my window but by the time I turn it on and focus, the birds I want to capture are usually gone. And that's if I don't make any sudden moves to scare them away while getting to my camera.

Enter the Birdcam - it would already be set up and triggered by motion when the bird arrives! Who knows what birds come to visit when I'm not home???

And just yesterday I had a male and female Northern Flicker walking around my patio - why, they could have been stars of their own video had there been a BirdCam set up!

I could have endless hours of fun setting it up in various spots and boring my friends and family with even more bird and squirrel photos. They should be used to it by now though!

So the question remains: When my stimulus check arrives, should I be practical and save it, or go for the BirdCam?? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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